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Memphis, Tn, a blue-collar city located on the Mississippi River has a well-earned reputation for being hard nose and gritty.   There are few American cities that can claim they’ve created an original indigenous sound, Memphis one of them.Born April 7, 1995, Diamond J Holder adopted YKDR as an acronym for YOUNG KING’S DREAM RICH as a teenager aspiring to elevate himself into a better socio-economic status.  YKDR has a legacy of entertainment flowing in his bloodline.  Not many entertainers can count relatives such as Otis Stokes, the lead singer of the legendary Lakeside band, Memphis rapper MJG and NBA legend Penny Hardaway in their family lineage.YKDR’s brother, a producer known as TMAC quietly accrued recording equipment.  After purchasing all the equipment needed, the duo began recording.  The first single recorded, “Drippin Messy” is a classic Memphis street anthem.  This track combines all the elements that has made Memphis the epicenter of the Southern Music.  Crunk heavy bass, with high hat & snare syncopation, trap lyrics layered over a slick piano melody sprinkled with a judicious use of auto-tune.  With the street buzz on fire YKDR’s team is now focusing on his social media rollout.
 Feature lyrics includes a line when YKDR says “hold up don’t work on my nerves then, you might get kicked out the suburban, put some respect on my name or I’m pullin up like I’m Birdman”YKDR says, “no disrespect but this shit is in my blood, I’ve never written down lyrics, my ability to create impromptu art with substance, aligns me more with Picasso and Basquiat than your everyday trap rapper.”  “My music is visual art for the grind, the blue-collar hustle, the 9 to 5 hustle, the stripper hustle, the D-boy hustle,” says YKDR.  Preparing to release their debut mixtape “Hard to Believe,” YKDR and TMAC are busy knocking out tracks daily.  “Hard to Believe” will tell my story, not only what it took to get here, but will also give you a glimpse of my future as a artist,” he added. Definitely not a so-called mumble rapper. YKDR’s artistry can be spontaneous but rooted in authenticity.  Additionally, he performs like his life depends on it and energizes the room in every interview.  In a city that calls FedEx home, YKDR has adopted FEDEX’s mantra and is introducing himself to “the world on time.”
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